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We unfortunately do not offer free consultations due to the enormous client prospecting we receive on a regular basis. If you do not see availability that meets your needs, please reframe from dialing the program-generated phone number that is provided to check on availability. 

Use the therapy portal ("Click Here" calendar image) to see our immediate availability for new and existing clients with the option of booking your very first appointment with electronically. Please note that appointment booking does not occur outside of this electronic system. All appointments recur meaning that if a recreational activity or other obligation (e.g., work, school, etc.) gets in the way please do not book that appointment with us! In addition, we cannot answer questions concerning our unknown future availability. Until a client actually leaves us we cannot guess as to what the future holds. As per state and insurance regulations, we do not offer waiting lists but you are welcome to continue checking our availability. Our policy cherishes consistency and transparency that discourages week-to-week (nonrecurring) scheduling for new clients in order to also eliminate double booking and other questionable policies which is often the case for non-recurring practice locations. 

The preferred initial communication with us is through email at or text (860) 964-9268 with any small questions you might have. Please keep in mind that a intake appointment does not imply a commitment for you to be forced to stay with us. Ultimately, both you and your clinician want treatment to be effective, and if either party does not believe our practice is your best option, it will be Adam's responsibility to find someone that will be a right fit for you which is part of the intake process. Many of your questions can be answered under our "More Info" tab. After you make an initial appointment with us you will receive several "Therapy Portal" intake documents under your "documents" page that we ask you complete for your first virtual appointment. 


Existing Clients: Please remember the best ways of contacting your clinician is through the urgent care number that is provided on your portal account under "documents" that should be used during working hours for routine matters and after hours for urgent and emergent situations.  


How to Join a Telehealth Session as a Therapy Portal User

Any device with a camera, microphone, compatible web browser, and Internet access is suitable for a telehealth session. All calls use synchronous peer-to-peer connections with end-to-end encryption for maximum privacy and security.

Before You Get Started:

  • Be sure that you're using an up-to-date web browser, such as the latest version of Google ChromeMicrosoft EdgeApple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox

  • Make sure that you're connected to a strong, secured Wi-Fi signal. If you're joining a telehealth session on your phone, connect to Wi-Fi instead of using cellular data, if possible. Ethernet or fiber hardline connections often produce flawless results without outside interference.

Tip: You can check the speed and performance of your Internet connection using For the best quality audio and video, your download and upload rates should be 1.5 Mbps or higher (6+ Mbps recommended). Most people finding difficulty almost ALWAYS have limited upload speeds.

  • Close any applications or browser tabs that you don't need right now. This allows your device's processing power to be dedicated to maintaining a high-quality video call. Adam recommends at least a quad-core processor and 4gb of ram for a stable virtual experience.

  • Headphones or earbuds may be necessary in the extremely rare event one or both parties hear an echo.

  • Have a phone number you can use to call your provider in case you get disconnected and remember that sessions can only occur in the state of Connecticut due to Dr. Russo's CT license.

To Join a Telehealth Session:

  1. Log in to that calendar "click here" image above or go to

  2. Any telehealth sessions that are ready for you to join will appear at the top of your home page. You have the option to join a session for any recent or upcoming appointments scheduled with your practice.

  3. Click the Join Session button for your appointment.

  4. Your browser will prompt you to share access to your camera and microphone. Click Allow.

  5. In the telehealth waiting room, select the Camera and Microphone you want to use for your session. You should see a preview of your video and an audio meter that responds to your voice.

  6. When you're ready to join your session, click the I'm Ready button.

  7. Once you indicate that you're ready for your session, you'll connect immediately with Adam if they're ready to go. If not, a waiting screen will appear. Please remain on this screen until your provider joins the session.

In a telehealth session, your video will appear in the upper left corner of your browser, and your provider's video will appear larger in the middle of the browser. You can disable your camera, mute your microphone, utilize false backgrounds, and end the session using the buttons in your control tray. When a session ends, you'll be taken back to your home page. If you end the session by mistake, you may rejoin the session. To rejoin a session, click the rejoin the session link in the banner that appears on your home page. Both you and your provider must choose to rejoin in order to reconnect in the telehealth session.

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