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We have some exciting changes and developments coming around the pike for members that are subscribed to our YouTube channel in the coming months. For those of you that know Dr. Russo, he took a break from his channel due to both having children and pursuing their advanced counseling degree. With things settling down, Adam has converted part of their home for the purposes of more advanced teletherapy practice and also another separate dedicated room for social media (YouTube). The image you see on this page is part of that progression. Stay tuned!


Change Talk LLC channel will include:


  • 6-12 minute videos covering a new mental health topic every two weeks

  • At the end of the video, Adam will discuss a wellness product that they will review


We ask that you try hard like us to be patient since this will not develop overnight. There are a few transitions that include logistics surrounding our separate counseling practice regarding treatment, insurance, and our physical location that will take several months to complete before we reboot our YouTube channel. Also, Adam has yet another iron in the fire just submitting for copyright their 267+ page book. In the meantime, make sure you subscribe and check out some of our older videos!

If you would like to contact Change Talk LLC regarding our YouTube channel please do so by using the following:

Change Talk LLC

P.O. Box 185

Old Lyme CT, 06371

Please note that time is sometimes is in short supply for us and not all communications will be responded to.





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