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CONNIE Health Information Exchange:



Opting Out Instructions (choose one of four):

1. Submit an online application

2. Call 1-866-987-9587

3. Email a completed form to

4. Mail your completed form to 


400 Farmington Ave

Farmington, CT 06032

PLEASE NOTE: Legislation is still not completely clear when it comes to mental health provider participation. You currently will have an opportunitity to opt out of this "information sharing," but at this time this is what we do know:

Connie, Connecticut’s Statewide HIE

A health information exchange, or HIE, is a safe electronic way for health care providers and organizations to share clinical information about their patients. By state statute, Connie was authorized to be an independent, not-for-profit, neutral, and trusted organization to develop and operate the statewide HIE in Connecticut (Conn. Gen. Stat. 17b-59d and 17b-59g).

Connie enables providers and physicians to:

• Better share clinical information across all healthcare settings.
• Support care coordination.
• Reduce preventable costs associated with readmissions and duplicative testing.
• Support public health reporting, research, and population health analytics.
• Adhere to and promote standards and interoperability.
• Provide patient access to their own health information.

Connie is a growing network comprised of hundreds of healthcare providers. As Connecticut’s official HIE, Connie is working to connect all of Connecticut’s providers, including hospitals, pharmacies, payors, health departments, state agencies, and health centers.

Participation Requirements

State statute requires hospitals and labs to connect to Connie within one year and all other healthcare providers have two years from Connie’s date of being operational. According to the statute, upon the HIE being deemed operational, specific requirements for connecting go into effect for hospitals licensed under chapter 368v, clinical laboratories licensed under section 19a-30, and healthcare providers defined as an individual, corporation, facility, or institution licensed by the state to provide healthcare services (Conn. Gen. Stat. 17b-59e).

  • Healthcare providers are required to begin the connection process within two years of operations (May 3, 2023)

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