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College or Vocational School

College or vocational school can be tough stuff!


Online forums, syllabus, and loads of financial stress! Adam has completed a doctoral degree in education! That means he has advanced training in the latest and greatest learning techniques and ways to combat learning difficulties in the counseling arena. For most of Adam's adult student population, you get the choice of in-person or teletherapy options. Did you know, Adam also has novice training in electrical, carpentry, plumbing, automotive, and information technology? In fact, it's often hard for clients not to find at least one thing in common with him the first time they meet! You are going to notice some new educational milestones from your first day at advanced training or for a few your decision to pursue a graduate degree.











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Higher-Order Thinking Bloom's Taxonomy

Higher ordered thinking
Sgt Dingwall State Award
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