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Substance Misuse

Dependency vs. Addiction

A very fine line indeed exists between dependency and addiction. Do you know the difference?

Dependency is actually more common than you think. One can argue that virtually most medications that you're on - especially psychiatric medications - have some sort of dependency affinity. Reason being is that your body begins wiring itself around those medications. Essentially anyone that experiences any form of withdrawal from ANY substance can be argued to be dependence on that substance... from coffee to opioid medications.

Addiction on the other hand signifies the negative effect on yourself and others such a dependency could have. Typically when you are no longer taking your medication as prescribed, breaking the law, taking risks associated with your health, or performing immoral behaviors such as lying or manipulation due to the substance an argument can be made for addiction. 

Change Talk LLC not only has vast experiences providing counseling the addiction population, but offers services that probation, DCF, and the court system is looking for in order to serve your needs more fully than other practices. Remember, your clinician at Change Talk LLC has a AS and BS in the criminal justice system unlike most other therapists on the market today. 

Picture of Drug Abusing Person
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