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Social Security Disability (SSDI)

For years, you have paid into social security figuring that the only time that you would use it is when you finally retire. Then, just like how life happens, there is a car accident, medical illness, natural disaster, or some other major event that leaves you asking yourself "How am I going to survive?" It's no secret that most people that apply for social security disability insurance (SSDI) don't receive it due to most people being unable to prove without a reasonable doubt that they can't work. This sounds horrible, but many magistrates believe that pain can be managed with drugs and procedures, people that can't walk can answer phone calls, and for those of you that have some other debilitating condition that it can be managed in some other way. Typically, most people don't realize that due to these debilitating conditions and diminished quality of life that there are other mental health costs associated with such disabilities that the court has yet failed to consider. Don't forget, not being able to walk, being in pain, feeling hopeless, signifies additional loss in your life.

First speak to your doctor and lawyer. Find out your rights. Then come speak to someone like me that specializes in treating both mental health and physical disabilities through things such as vocational rehabilitation. Get a mental health assessment on top of your medical assessment. Change Talk LLC also works extremely close with your doctors and lawyers to make sure that we cover all our bases and get things right the first time. Lastly, think that assessments and individual therapy is the only benefit you'll receive from us? Think again. Often times, we work with state and local agencies and act as your advocate towards getting you additional services in your area such as special programs, gift cards, and assistance towards directly paying for things such as a gym membership and so on that will assist in a more holistic approach to your

overall recovery.  What are you waiting for? Call us today!

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