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Change Talk LLC is an easy-to-use premier virtual counseling practice owned and operated by Dr. Adam Russo, EdD, MS, LPC slowly transitioning to our new office in Old Lyme, CT. Change Talk is a practice that has a tremendous amount of professional experience treating individuals and their families that is dedicated to quality of service in high definition clarity and the latest in fiber optic technology. Click the "appointment instructions" tab to learn more about making your first online appointment. What was once financially prohibitive in-home therapy is now accessible to most individuals virtually in the comfort, security, and convenience of your own residence. Dr. Russo possesses advanced doctoral training in learning, anxiety, crisis management, neurodevelopmental, systemic, and PTSD interventions. What makes Change Talk LLC the leader in virtual therapy is exhibited by the advanced networking and information technology education Dr. Russo received during their time in the Navy as a Fire Control Technician, meaning that if are having trouble with connecting virtually with us, Adam is more than qualified to proficiently troubleshoot with you to ensure minimum frustration and maximum teletherapy success. 


Adam's learning designation is especially important in counseling since interventions and concepts are only effective if you clearly understand their purpose and value as you incorporate them into your life. Adam has separate degrees in criminal justice, public safety administration, professional counseling, and has an advanced community counseling and traumatology degree. Most clients who are divorced, seeking state benefits, are part of children investigatory scrutiny, academic difficulties, are military/first responder affiliated, or individuals that are part of the criminal justice system regularly benefit from this specific education and guidance Dr. Russo provides in these areas. These additional areas of expertise are important to highlight since some provider specialties have only completed their bachelors and doctorate educational platforms only (two vs. four degrees). Adam also has active certifications in treating trauma, teletherapy, and ADHD symptomatology signifying going far above continuing education state requirements and reflecting their dedication to latest techniques and therapeutic interventions.


This all coming from a therapist you can trust with a provider who has previously held a top secret security clearance and has experienced professionally virtually the entire gambit from standard outpatient, intensive outpatient, residential, and inpatient services. Therapy should be discussed with your doctor as a FIRST choice option, since psychotherapy and not medication can actually rewire your brain through neuroplasticity that is generally permanent, typically having no long-term side-effects or negative health consequences. Psychotherapy prefers returning clients to a "improved" state of being previous to whatever challenges you are currently or previously facing rather than pharmacologically masking and consequently snowballing the issue. Check out our "more info" subfolders such as our FAQ page for much more information including your clinician's background and how we do things!

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